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Articles related to swimming and other aquatic sports in southern Africa

Exiles →
Since the 1950's atheletes from southern Africa have taken up scholarships to compete at American universities - most have never returned to the homeland.
World records →
More than 60 world swimming records have been set by South Africans.
Springboks →

National colours were awarded to all South Africans who competed at international sports events. 

Pools and Places →

Iconic swimming pools, Robben Island, Midmar Dam, and Sundays River are some locations where swimming history was made. 


Professor Finney, Jimmy Green, Rachael Finlayson, and Alex Bulley were some of the early swimming coaches in South Africa.


Australian world champion Ernest Cavill toured the Cape in 1898.

Portuguese Mozambique

Neighbouring Mozambique had an active sporting culture, including swimming, diving, and sailing.

Histories and Publications

Various magazines, books, and pamphlets have recorded the aquatic sports history of South Africa. 


Many people have contributed their collections to the site, including Dutch champion Ada Kok.

In Memoriam

Athletes like Muriel Ensore-Smith, who died young. Many are forgotten.


An entire generation of South African athletes missed out on international competition between 1961 and 1991.

Non-white swimming

Aquatic sports history from the Coloured, Black, and Asian communities of South Africa, as reported in the press.


A small number of biographies were published in 1949 and 1973.

Thys Lombard interviews

Video interviews of Geoff Grylls, Joan Harrison, Ann Fairlie and others.