1968 Canada

On 19 February 1968 a team of Canadian female swimmers arrived in South Africa to compete at the national championships at Bloemfontein. The Canadians had been on a training trip to New Zealand before arriving in Johannesburg. The team once again included Elaine Tanner and Marion Lay, with Jean Warren and Angela Coughlan.

Karen Muir had been in great form, setting multiple world records in the backstroke events in January, so a great battle was expected between her and Elaine Tanner at the 1968 South African swimming championships held in Bloemfontein..

In the end, Karen had to withdraw from the backstroke events at nationals due to a shoulder injury, leaving the field open for Tanner to win.

Karen was to return from injury and beat Elaine Tanner at the Test match held in Cape Town, on the 4th March 1968.

South Africa vs Canada

Newlands Pool, Cape Town - 4 March 1968

Event: Gold: Silver: Bronze:
Men's 100 m Freestyle N vd Merwe NTvl 56.5 Brain Stewart NTvl 56.9 R Colepepper Natal 59.2
Women's 100 m Freestyle Marion Lay Canada 1:03.0 Katinka Germishuis NTvl 1:03.5 Robyn May EP 1:08.4
Men's 100 m Butterfly N Evans ETvl 1:06.4 P Herbst OFS 1:08.8 L Sive WP 1:09.3
Women's 100 m Butterfly Jeanne Warren Canada 1:10.4 Elma Malherbe NTvl 1:10.9 Nancy Harris SA 1:14.5
Men's 100 m Backstroke D duToit GW 1:08.2 R Cleaver Natal 1:10.9 B Gould WP 1:11.6
Women's 100 m Backstroke Karen Muir SA 1:07.9 Elaine Tanner Canada 1:08.4 C Adnams Natal 1:13.6
Women's 100 m Breaststroke Marie Bresler SA 1:21.3 Dael Hastie Tvl 1:23.2 Marion Lay Canada 1:27.2
Men's 200 m Freestyle Brian Elliot EP 2:04.4 N vd Merwe 2:14.9 Mike Bolstridge Natal 2:15.7
Women's 200 m Freestyle Angela Coughlan Canada 2:18.8 Nancy Harris SA 2:18.8 Robyn May EP 2:24.2
Men's 200 m Breaststroke P van Niekerk NTvl 2:44.9 R Glatt WP 2:48.8 G Braak NTvl 2:48.8
Men's 200 m Individual Individual Medley O van Reenen Natal 2:33.0 P Herbst OFS 2:38.5 E Elton OFS 2:45.9
Women's 200 m Individual Individual Medley Elaine Tanner Canada 2:39.1 Katinka Germishuis SA2:43.1 C Adnams Natal 2:48.3
Women's 4 x 100 m Freestyle Relay Canada 4:19.4 RSA 4:48.0 RSA B 5:31.2
Women's 4 x 100 m Medley Relay RSA 4:49.6 Canada 4:57.1 RSA B 4:57.3