Patty Caretto and coach Don Gambril

Karen Muir and Patty Caretto next to the Kimberley pool - and on the cover of Swimming World magazine. The US World record holder had traveled to South Africa at the end of 1965 with her coach Don Gambril. Gambril was voted US coach of the year in 1965. Ten years later Gambril was to invite South African world record breaker Jonty Skinner to swim for the University of Alabama - and the rest is history.

don gambril with Skinner

After winning the 100-meter freestyle in Philadelphia's sun-drenched John B. Kelly Pool, Jonty Skinner, a South African who swims during the college season for the University of Alabama, took one look at the overhead clock, saw the numbers 49.44, leaped into the air and joyously embraced his rivals. Then the 6'5" Skinner slumped, sobbing, against the edge of the pool. A moment later he climbed out of the water and put his arms around Alabama Coach Don Gambril. "Oh, Coach," he said in a choked voice, "Coach, I did it."

Cape Town coach Clara Aurik visiting USA Olympic coach Don Gambril - Newlands Pool 1965.