Redhouse River Mile

The Redhouse Swimming Club won the inaugural race in 1924 with Roy Gregory the first man home to become the first ever Redhouse River Mile Champion. Redhouse teams continued to be successful in this event for many years and won the cup 14 times. In 1924, the first race saw 44 of the 48 men complete the swim.

Another race that ended at the Redhouse clubhouse was the annual Enduro swim, which was from the Swartkops river bridge near the mouth - as distance of 4 miles. See below.

The Ladies quarter-mile race, replaced by the Ladies Mile race in 1987, was first held in 1932 when Ethel Smith was the winner in 6 minutes 27 seconds. In 1948, a 12-year-old Olympic swimmer Joan Harrison won in 6 minutes 10.3 seconds. For good reason, swimmers keep on coming back to do the River Mile.

Led by the legend of the River Mile, 81-year-old Mally Richards of Jeffreys Bay who has completed 60 River Mile swims since his first in 1947. “I have been swimming since I was a boy and this is what I enjoy the most. I am hoping to do this till I die.” Richards said. The Uitenhage-born pensioner now retired in Jeffreys Bay started swimming for fun at 14, while still a pupil at Muir Collage and swam his first River Mile in mid-1940′s. he is the father of local hero and triple Springbok Kevin Richards Mally was nominated for the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year.

The event was generally a local affair, with Eastern Province swimmers dominating, but since Springbok Olympian Ryk Neethling won the men's event in 1994, it has become a national event.

1924 Roy Gregory  
1925 Geoff Phillip  
1926 Ary Snetler  
1927 WE "Doc" McWilliams  
1928 "Doc" McWilliams  
1929 Ary Snetler  
1930 Ary Snetler  
1931 "Doc" McWilliams  
1932 "Doc" McWilliams Ethel Smith
1933 H Hammond  
1934 D McDowell Ethel Smith
1935 Otto Schweltzer  
1936 Peter Elliot  
1937 Peter Elliot Helen Hutton
1938 Otto Schweltzer Joyce Clark
1939 R Cherrington  
1940 D Walker Y. Kearns
1941 No event due to World War 2
1942 No event due to World War 2
1943 No event due to World War 2
1944 No event due to World War 2
1945 No event due to World War 2
1946 Peter Elliot A. Bekker
1947 Peter Elliot S. Reid
1948 Albert Boliter Joan Harrison
1949 Ernie Nicholson G. Horn
1950 Ernie Nicholson G. Horn
1951 Ernie Nicholson G. Horn
1952 Derek Staples M. Dicks
1953 Peter Schulze G. Horn
1954 Derek Staples G. Horn
1955 Derek Staples G. Horn
1956 Derek Staples P. Hall
1957 Derek Staples P. Hall
1958 Francois Mai  
1959 Derek Staples P. Hall
1960 Geoff Grylls Wendy Burrell
1961 Geoff Grylls W. Burrell
1962 Geoff Grylls W. Burrell
1963 Geoff Grylls W. Burrell
1964 Geoff Grylls J. Halley
1965 Geoff Grylls J. Hickson
1966 Brian Elliot J. Hickson
1967 Brian Elliot R.M. May
1968 Geoff Bolton R.M. May
1969 Brian Elliot R.M. May
1970 Brian Elliot Val Bridgens
1971 David Stones Sally Henderson
1972 Derek Elliot Sally Henderson
1973 Derek Elliot Celeste Du Toit
1974 Colin Horwitz C. Du Toit
1975 Brent Bugler Jenny Hardwich
1976 Andre Kotze Jeanette. Woolerton
1977 Brent Bugler J. Hardwich
1978 Mark Edge J. Hardwich
1979 Kevin Richards Debbie Montgomery
1980 Kevin Richards Mariliese Lucouw
1981 Kevin Richards Kim Loppnow / M. Lucouw
1982 Kevin Richards M. Lucouw
1983 Sean Mulvey K. Loppnow
1984 Kevin Richards K. Loppnow
1985 Jacques Coetzer Belinda Mc Fadzean
1986 Anthony Aubin K. Loppnow
YearMen's MileLadies Mile
1987 Kevin Richards Belinda McFadzean
1988 Jacques Coetzer Chantal Tutton
1989 Jacques Coetzer Nicki Hutchison
1990 Andrew Turner Nicki Hutchison
1991 Pierre de Roubaix Amanda Grendon
1992 Pierre de Roubaix Amanda Grendon
1993 Greg Kahn Jeanine Steenkamp
1994 Ryk Neethling Karen Allers
1995 Mark Harris / Greg Kahn Joannie Coetzer
1996 Ryko Markgraaff Honey King / Joannie Coetzer
1997 Haydn Holmes Tracey Barber
1998 Kyle Main Dominique Donner
1999 Kyle Main Elzet Pretorius
2000 Kyle Main Velia Janse van Rensburg
2001 Kyle Main Natalie Snodgrass
2002 Nathan Lavery Velia Janse van Rensburg
2003 Nathan Lavery Velia Janse van Rensburg
2004 Matthew Bouman Velia Janse van Rensburg
2005 Philip Kuhn Velia Janse van Rensburg
2006 Chris Stottelaar Velia Janse van Rensburg
2007 Byron Lockett Velia Janse van Rensburg
2008 Byron Lockett Velia Janse van Rensburg
2009 Chad Ho Dominic Dryding
2010 Chad Ho Dominic Dryding
2011 Chad Ho Carmel Billson
2012 Troyden Prinsloo Jessica Roux
2013 Christopher Reid Jessica Roux
2014 Christopher Reid Kaley Gouws
2015 Daniel Jones Hannah Haswell
2016 Daniel Jones Jessica Canter
2017 Ian Venter Amica de Jager
2018 Cole Craig Amica de Jager

Swimmers at the Redhouse swimming club in 1895.

1970 Redhouse winners Brain Elliot and Val Bridgens at the EPASA prizegiving.

Although the individual Mile race was won by Mark Edge of the PE amateur Swimming club, the team event was won by the Aquabear SC coached by Brian Elliot- himself a former winner of the event. The team was Nigel Cones, Gary Romer, Colin Horwitz , David Harrington and Jason Marais. Harrington finished second and Brent Bugler of East London third.

2007 Redhouse River Mile top 3 men -  Ronals Kroch, Chris Stottelaar and David Marais 

Swartkops to Redhouse - Enduro swim