Gail Mc Carney

2009: “I’ve spent a large part of the past two decades with my head under water, but this hasn’t stopped me from living. Thanks to swimming, I found my husband, Garry, many friends, and additional purpose in my life. I’ve continued with the sport into my ‘old age’, because it keeps me healthy and fit and it has helped to build my self-worth. After more than 30 years, my dream finally came true when I won gold at the 2008 World Masters’ Swimming Championships. It was a triumph of the flesh and of my spirit, which had held on so tightly to a childhood dream.”

2013: After all the years of coming back to the Midmar Mile, Bristow admitted that it still excites her. “I still get the same butterflies, the same nerves, thinking gosh it’s so far when I stand on the other side and look across the dam.”

"As long as I can still swim I will keep coming back," she beamed. 

Gail, Stuart & Gary Bristow

In 2008 - with fellow Springbok Karen van Helden at Paul Blackbeard's 50th birthday celebrations.