Carina Bruwer

from Carina's own website:

Since taking up competitive Open Water Swimming in January 2003, Carina has made her mark on the record books. She holds the female record for the fastest Gibraltar Straits crossing, the overall record for the fastest swim around Robben Island, and the record for the Cape Point swim. She is the first swimmer to have rounded both the southern-most and the northern-most tips of Africa, and  to successfully swim around Danger Point. Her most important achievements to date include:

M O S T   N O T A B L E   S W I M S

  • Across False Bay, South Africa – FIRST SA WOMAN; THIRD SWIMMER EVER | Date: 26 February 2006 | Distance: 36km; Time: 10h58
  • English Channel Crossing, England to France – FASTEST SA WOMAN | Date: 1 August 2005 | Distance: 36km; Time: 12h03
  • Messina Straits Quadruple Crossing, Italy to Sicily and back twice – FURTHEST SWIM BY A WOMAN IN THE MESSINA STRAITS | Date: 21 June 2014 | Distance: 15km; Time: 03h59
  • Straits of Gibraltar crossing – Held FEMALE WORLD RECORD for 7 years | Date: 15 June 2005 | Distance: 16km; Time: 3h35
  • Straits of Bonifacio crossing, Corsica (France) to Sardinia (Italy) | Date: 17 June 2014 | Distance: 15km; Time: 04h28
  • Female winner and 3rd place overall in the 2006 Key West Marathon, USA | Date: June 2006 | Distance: 20km; Time: 4h39
  • Female winner and 4th place overall in the 2005 International Swimming Crossing of the Toroneos Gulf, Greece | Date: 23 July 2005 | Distance: 26km; Time: 7h58
  • Robben Island to Bloubergstrand 7,5km and Three Anchor Bay (11km) | 9 crossings to date; Best time: 1h58 ( 2007 and 2014 )
  • Around Robben Island Swim – held OVERALL RECORD for 8 years | Date: 27 April 2005 | Distance: 11km; Time: 3h07
  • First person to round the Northern-most point of Africa – Bizerte, Tunisia | Date: 15 Octobert 2004 | Distance: 16km; Time: 3h50
  • First person to round DANGER POINT – Gansbaai | Date: 11 August 2004 | Distance: 11km; Time: 3h16
  • First female and first South African to swim around Cape Agulhas | Date: 27 April 2004 | Distance: 11km; Time: 2h16 Broke the record of Englishman Lewis Pugh set in 1994 by 2 hours
  • First South African to swim around Cape Point – FASTEST TIME (broken since). Still holds Female record | Date: 27 March 2004 | Distance: 8,5km; Time: 2h20
  • 25km South African Open Water Swimming Championships held at Midmar, February 2005 | second female, fouth place overall
  • 10km South African Open Water Swimming Championships held at Midmar, February 2004 | first place overall
  • 10km Western Province Open Water Swimming Championships, Mykonos, December 2003 | First female, third overall
  • False Bay 12km Iron Man Swimming Challenge (Simonstown to Muizenberg) | First female 2003; second female 2004

Carina verwerf roem met 'ongewone' rekords

Januarie 2004

Carina Bruwer, oudstudent van Stellenbosch, het onlangs die Matietradisie van eerste wees op unieke wyse voortgesit en terselfdertyd feitlik oornag landswye bekendheid verwerf.

Die 24-jarige vrou, wat spog met HonsBMus (cum laude) en boonop 'n gewilde dwarsfluit-solospeler is, het die eerste vrou geword om om Kaappunt te swem en presies 'n maand later ook die eerste SuidAfrikaner wat om die suidpunt van Afrika by Agulhas geswem het - albei pogings het rekordtye opgelewer.

Die swemtog van bykans I2 km om Kaap Agulhas, wat haar 2 uur en 16 minute geneem het, het haar ook die eerste ontvanger van die SuperSport-kampioen van kampioene-toekenning gemaak.

Maar Carina is ook 'n konsert fluitis en doen vryskutwerk - so was sy bv. betrokke by die musiekspel Phantom of the Opera in Kaapstad. Haar suksesvolle solovertoning, Flute for Thought wat onlangs in die Baxterteater in Kaapstad uitgevoer is, spreek tot 'n baie wye gehoor omdat dit klassieke musiek, asook jazz en Latyns Amerikaanse musiek bevat; dit is uiters virtuoos, maar terselfdertyd is die musiek toeganklik en die aanbieding sensueel.

Oor haar swemprestasies is hierdie Oudmatie wat van 1998 tot 2002 heeltyds musiekstudent was, erg beskeie. Sy se sy is nie die beste swemmer nie... "ek het maar van kleinsaf daarvan gehou, maar ek was nooit behoorlik fiks nie - tot ek op Maties gekom het. Ek het die oopseesvvemtogte aangepak omdat ek nooit vir 'n uitdaging terugdeins nie."

Haar sukses skryf sy grotendeels toe aan Peter Bales van Kaapstad se aanmoediging. Hy was die eerste SUld-Afrikaner wat oor die Engelse kanaal geswem het - in 1961.

En waarheen mik Carina nou?

Sy stel dit so: "Ons het groot planne. Ons dink aan 'n Swem-omAfrika-veldtog vir my en het verskeie punte op die vasteland ge'fdentifiseer waar ek swemtogte wil aanpak Miskien. afhangende van borgskappe, e.d.m. probeer ek een van die dae die Straat van Gibraltar en dan sal ek ook die Rooisee wil aandurf."

Daar is duidelik geen keer aan hierdie dinamiese "mens vir aile seisoene" Oudmatie nie.

SA swimmer beaten by cold

 2005-03-17 21:27 Cape Town - The cold water of the Atlantic Ocean stopped Carina Bruwers dreams of becoming the third person and first South African woman to swim from Simons Town to Rooi Els.  

Bruwer set off at 06:45. After five hours, she decided to call it a day.  If she had been able to continue, it would have taken her nearly 12 hours to complete the distance.  She said: The water temperature was somewhere between 14° and 15° Celsuis.  The support team, who accompanied her by boat, also suggested she rather give up.  

Bruwer said: It is extremely dangerous to swim such long distances. Your body can easily give up. I experienced a number of blackouts. The sun didnt shine and it is always good to feel the sun on your back.  Yet she remained optimistic.  I can still do it, hopefully before the end of the season. But the conditions must be safe.  Francois Brink, her manager, said they might have underestimated the conditions.

He said: Carina is a bit disappointed, but its just one of those things. Shell definitely try it again.  He said it was the first time she gave up on an attempt.  Though numerous attempts have been made in the past, the swim has been completed successfully only twice: first in 1989 by Belgian swimmer Annemie Landmeters, and last year by South African distance swimmer Steve Klugman.

In October last year Bruwer became the first person swim around both the southern- and northern-most points of Africa when she swam the 16km around Ras Angela in Tunisia in just under 4 hours.  She has previously rounded Cape Aghulas, the southernmost tip of Africa, finishing the 11km trip in 2 hours 20 minutes. - Sapa/Die Burger


Carina Bruwer – South African marathon swimming veteran and lead player of multiple award-winning instrumental pop group Sterling EQ – made waves in Italy this week when she completed an epic 21km solo swim for charity, following on from Sterling EQ’s debut performance in Italy the night before.

The solo swim was a special feature at the annual SwimTheIsland race in Bergeggi in the province of Liguria – one of Europe’s largest open water events with over 2000 swimmers competing in distances ranging from 800m to 6km. Carina, who was invited as an international celebrity to endorse the race for the second year, aimed to complete 18km by swimming multiple laps of the race route, to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, the South African charity that is the sole beneficiary of her “Swim For Hope” project. When she had finished 18km, she announced to the excited crowd that she would swim an extra lap to raise additional funds, despite having suffered multiple jellyfish stings. She ultimately completed 21km in a time of 6h25’58.

“I felt great after 18km and I knew that I would have the crowd’s attention when I came out, as this was going to be the end of my swim. As they were cheering and the presenter started to interview me, I suggested swimming another lap, for the little fighters in South Africa. The crowd went crazy and started donating Euros there and then. I swam an extra 3km to reach a total distance of 21km, and could hear the cheers from a distance as I approached the finish – it was amazing, and it certainly numbed the pain from the more than 20 jellyfish stings!”, said Carina, who was awarded il Golgo dell’ Isola’s “symbolic honorary citizenship” by the Mayors of Spotorno during the post-event award ceremony.

Sterling EQ’s other two members, Ariella Caira and Luca Hart, supported Carina from the beach, and made sure that Carina’s swim was trending on social media, lobbying for support through regular updates and image postings. The SAMA award-winning trio performed at the opening of the event on Saturday night on the piazza in Spotorno, to a capacity audience consisting of participants, supporters and members of the public. “It was fantastic to share the experience with Ariella and Luca”, says Carina. “It is the first time that Sterling EQ and my swimming share a platform, and it certainly attracted a huge amount of interest – we have a whole new all-Italian fan base!”

Carina’s swimming background

SWIMTHEISLAND5-20Having made an indelible mark on the marathon swimming record books through many daring and record-breaking swimming feats since 2002 (most notable swims include the 36km English Channel crossing, 35km across False Bay, and a world record breaking Gibraltar Straits crossing), Carina took a break from open water swimming when she started a family in 2008. She returned in 2013 with her first “Swim For Hope”, which was a dramatic rounding of Cape Point in support of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust (LFCT). Ever since, she swims exclusively for this organization, which supports children with cancer and their families.

About Swim For Hope

Since 2013, Swim For Hope has raised over R250,000 as well as valuable exposure for LFCT. The Bergeggi swim has raised nearly R20,000 so far and donations are still welcomed on Monies raised through this particular swim will go towards the organisation’s Christmas Elves Project, through which they   provide a Christmas Gift to every paediatric oncology patient on 15 hospital’s patient lists across South Africa. This amounts to approximately 2 000 children with cancer. They will also aim to buy groceries for struggling families affected by child cancer, as well as gifts for the siblings who often feel abandoned due to the crippling effect which child cancer has on the family.