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Triathlon Springboks Eunice 1986 cut

1986 - Lizelle Markgraaf, Amanda Markgraaf and Jeanine Steenkamp - three Springbok swimmers from the Eunice Girls School in Bloemfontein who also Springbok colours in Biathlon. Lezelle and Janine went on to swim at American universities.

The popularity of these sports have had a considerable impact on the development of swimming. Swimming is a sport usually taken seriously while still at primary school but many, if not most, triathletes only began swimming as adults, when  competing in triathlons.

Many South African swimmers have also excelled in biathle, triathlon and biathlon. In South Africa these include former Eastern Province swimmers Kevin Richards, and Mandy Dean, who reached number two in the triathlon world rankings. Not all South African multisport world champions were swimmers, although all obviously exel in the swimming element.

Natal swimmer Paula Newby-Fraser is a legend in the international women's Ironman. Olympic medallist Marianne Kriel is also has Springbok colours for biathlon. Former Capetonian Simon Lessing was a British Olympian and world champion triathlete.

There an ever-growing variety of races that include swimming with cycling and/or running - as separate events or continuously. The swimming legs are held in a variety of venues - ranging from indoor pools to lakes and the open sea.

The same events are sometimes managed by different competing governing bodies, under different names.


Triathlon are multi-sport events which usually includes swimming, cycling and running. It is an Olympic sport since 2000, triathlons were first conceived in California in 1974. The event is held over various distances and terrains. Some events combine canoeing or use mountain bikes.


Not to be confused with the Nordic sport with the same name, it is a uniquely South African sport that involves separate swim and run events, with points awarded for each leg. It is particularly popular in platteland schools where its is known by the Afrikaans name of Tweekamp. The 2019 Eastern Province Biathlon team above.


An outgrowth of modern Pentathlon, Biathle involves a continous run-swim-run race. The sport can be traced to the run-swim-run event in surf life saving