Cape Province

The former Cape Colony covers the 1000 km area from Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and East London along the coast. Inland the territory - known as Griqualand West - stretched up to Kimberley and beyond to Mafeking on the Botswana border.

The four sporting provinces that made the Cape Province were Western Province, Eastern Province, Border and Griqualand West.

The prosperous Western Province is based in Cape Town, which has numerous municipal and school swimming pool. 

A similar situation exists in parts of the Eastern Cape. Port Elizabeth has excellent schools, with a number of schools found in the smaller centres, many of which were created by the 1820 Settlers.

In the north lay Griqualand West, with Kimberley as it's main centre. Despite its mineral wealth, the Northern Cape province is generally impoverished, with few school pools and many dead swimming pools.

Border was a small province found east of Port Elizabeth, based in East London. It also included the Settler towns of Queenstown, King William's Town and Aliwal North.

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Western Province

Eatern Province

Griqualand West

Karoo Inter-Schools Gala

The Junior and Senior Swimming Captains with their trophies for winning the Karoo Interschools Gala: Corniel Vorster, Hannah Bodenstein, Paige de la Harpe and Johan Vorster.

08 March 2017

GRAAFF-REINET — The annual Karoo Interschools Gala was held at the Hoër Volkskool swimming pool, on Thursday, March 2.

In events ranging from U.9 through to the Open swimmers, 104 events in total, Union's swimmers made a difference by seeing that the Union lanes were filled where ever possible.

There were EP officials seeing that all strokes and relays were swum correctly. Unfortunately, a few Union swimmers were disqualified and hopefully have learnt a lesson.

In the Primary Section, U./9 to U.14, Union were in the lead at the end of the first page of results but then were trailing until the last U.14 relays where our Girls U.14 A and B Freestyle teams came first and second and the Boys A team came first in a very close race! Participation in many events made the difference for Union.

Union came first in the Primary Section with 327 points, followed by Gill in second place (319), Laer Volkskool in third place with 280 points and Cradock Primary in fourth place (157).

The Senior Section is divided separately into Girls and Boys. Union won both these sections. Detailed results will be available later.