Western Province Amateur Swimming Association

The Western Province ASA area, based at Cape Town,  stretched east almost to Mosselbay, which was in the Eastern Province. To the north lay Griqualand West, with Kimberly as its main centre. Some other towns around Cape Town with a long history in aquatic sports include Stellenbosch, Paarl, Somerset West and Strand. 

Kaapstad - or Cape Town - is the oldest city in South Africa.  Many sporting codes in South Africa were first established in the Cape, and the WPASA dates from circa 1895 (Editor: Exact date as yet unknown). 

The article below describes the Suburban swimming club's first gala of the season - held in December 1897. It mentions the Claremont indoor swimming pool, high diving by the Kings Rifles soldiers, the Marais Challange Cup and the Leander Swimming Club also of Cape Town. 


The venerable Western Province Amateur Swimming Association, founded in c. 1895, was replaced by Cape Town Metro Aquatics. Their history only begins in 1992, and unfortunately no record has been kept of events before that. A complete record of aquatics sports in the Cape required would require a great deal more research. 

1938 (also Currie Cup winners) includes some of the 46/47's Back standing from left to right F. Gruhn, R. Loydell ,L Maister and D Collins- inset J. King, Seated R. Glegg, S. Collins,P. Herbstein, L Berkovitch, M Jurisch

Western Province team photographs from Gerald Saltman.

Western Province Primary Schools swimming team 1970.

Western Province Primary Schools Swimming  team - 1974. With Choppy Fiser, Lorraine Anderson, Susie Aronson, Jane Anderson, Marie van der Merwe, Gary Gluckman, David Gluckman, Monique Dokter, Sparky Whittle, Sandy Grey, Brenda Travers, Tony Livingstone, Peter van Niekerk, Anton Katz, Karen van Helden, Tom Fair, Rene du Toit, Alan Cape, Nikki Gee, Nicky Beyer, Chris Buchanan, Mark Hardcastle, Adrian Katz, Christopher Rightford, Gillian Aronson and coach Clara Aurik.

1975 Western Province team to South African swimming championships at Ellis Park, Johannesburg. With Jane Broderick, J.Thewlis, Sharon Poole, Mark Botha, D.Fialkov, A.Grey, M.Parrington, D.Dodd, Laura Way, O.Glenn, Trevor Jackson, Lynne Munnik, Gaynor Beyer, Gary Freeling, Derick Levy, Godfrey Mocke, J.Bailie, Butch McKenzie, A.Fuller, Andre Stadler, Des Elliot, Libby Burrell, Jamie Coats, Butch Louw, Kelvin Perry, Craig Steward, Karen van Helden, A.Robertson, Jeremy Tyfield, R.Beare, Robbie Colussi, Niel Duveen, Derek Yach, Susan Rushworth Fourie, Peter Inglis, D.Louw, Udo Horstmann, Liz Webb, Shirley Scott, Peter Storzner and Aletta Vos.

1972 Western Province Schools swimming team
1972 Western Province swimming team with Lynne Slade, Lee McGregor, Peter Inglis, Peter Storzner

1973 Western Province team with Jonty Skinner, Jane Weir, Sharon Poole, Peter Storzner, Letchen Walden

Western Province team to South African swimming championships
1983 Western Province swimming
1983 Western Province swimming
1984 Western Province swimming
1984 Western Province swimming
1985 Western Province Masters swimming

1985 Western Province Masters swimming at inaugural South African Masters Swimming Championships in Durban.