South West Africa

The former German colony became a United Nations Protectorate in 1919 and was governed by South Africa as an unofficial 5th province until it's independence in 1990. With its mixed German, Afrikaans, Ovambo, Damara, and Herero heritage, the lingua franca was Afrikaans.

The only major city in the county is Windhoek, although the town of Swakopmund made a major effort to develop swimming when they built a 50m pool complete with a sliding roof during a boom in the 1970's. Unfortunately, the expected tourist demand never materialized, and the entire structure has now been demolished. 

Swimming developed at schools and a few clubs. The best-known swimmer from South West was Dorothea Neumeister, who won a number of national titles at the South African swimming championships. 

An American Larry Laursen settled in Windhoek, where he has been a swimming coach since the 1970's.

In 1971 L. Augustyn, representing South West Africa finished 4th in the women's 100 breaststroke at the South African national swimming championships.

In April 1982 the South African Amateur Swimming Union invited overseas competitors from the USA, Canada and Germany to compete against South Africa. Dorothea Neumeister was a member of the Springbok team. The last event was held in the indoor pool at Swakopmund.

1979 South West African swimming team to the South African swimming championships in Port Elizabeth.

Back row: Heine Jonker, Jorg Finkeldey, Ingolf Trümer, Mr. AF Thompson, Dr. PMD Burger.

Front row: Dorothea Neumeister, Heidie Kintscher, Mrs. J Burger, Carene Burger, Ellen Lombard

1980 SWA team:

Back row: H Blaauw, Hiene jonker, W Dercksen, J Finkeldey, J Burger

Middle row: S Moresche, Dorothea Neumeister, Ellen Lombard, heidie Kintscher, Carene Burger

Front Row: Mrs. A Finkeldey, coach Larry Laursen, Dr. PMD Burger.

6 December 1985

1 November 1985. All articles are from the Namibia newspaper. The South West African Primary Schools swimming and diving team was selected to compete in the South African primary school s swimming championships to be held in Cape Town on 9th November 1985.

Juanita Delaney of Tsumeb set two under 10 records. Monica Dahl set records in the under 10 50m freestyle and butterfly events

29 November 1985.South African Police sportsman of the Year Hans Hirsekorn. He was the South African lifesaving champion. 

14 November 1986. SWA primary schools team finishes 9th out of 12 teams at the South African Primary Schools swimming and diving championships held at Ellis Park in Johannesburg.

The diving team finished third out of the seven teams that competed.

4 December 1987. Water Polo team from  South West Africa competed in the Kramer League in Boksburg. 

16 January 1987. Age group swimming results from Windhoek

13 March 1987. Ricci Erenstein of South West Africa is selected for the Springbok swimming team

27 November 1987

8 February 1988

10 Febraury 1989

20 February 1990 - Pupkewitz Inter Schools Trophy, Windhoek

15 March 1990. South West African Amateur Swimming Union ends it's affiliation with the South African Amateur Swimming Union.

15 March 1990  - Namibian Swimming Union records