Western Transvaal

Krugersdorp stadsaal

Smaller platteland towns included Stilfontein, Orkney and Lichtenburg. The Strathvaal Recreation Club pool (now derelict) in Stilfontein was used for the South African Schools Swimming Championships in 1968. 

See the map for the location of the swimming pools.


The establishment of Krugersdorp in 1887 was the main event that influenced the social-cultural development of the West Rand.


In 1884 gold was discovered at the western end of the Witwatersrand. The resultant diggings became known as Roodepoort, which became a municipality in 1904. The area has many private schools and a swimming club that dates from 1925.


Founded in 1838 Potchefstroom was the first settlement north of the Vaal River, where it was initially the most important town in the Transvaal Republic. It has a university dating from 1869 and a number of traditional state schools.


The city was founded by Voortrekkers in 1838, although the town changed when gold was discovered there in 1885. Just like the original dorp was affected by the arrival of gold miners, so the town infrastructure has suffered under the new regime after 1994.

Smaller centres

Once it hosted the Springboks, and South African schools gala at Stillfontein. Today the province is remarkable for its many dead pools in the platteland dorpies.