Birthplace of world record holder and Olympic champion Penny Heyns, Springs is an East Rand mining town with a small number of schools that have their own pools. Selection Park is the only functioning municipal swimming pool, while the main town pool known as Olympia Park, is dead (2020).

The Daggafontein Mine recreational club, while it existed, also had a wonderful swimming pool. Springbok Natalie Myburg was from the nearby Marievale Mine, and would have swum in the Daggafontein mine was part of the inter-mine swimming championships held in those days. 

The Blackfin swimming club run by Anke Cumming is located in Dunnotter. H2O is another local club, which swims at the Springs Girls High School pool under coach Heather Grafe.

Municipal Swimming Pools


Schools in Springs

Open water swimming seems to very popular at some of the local schools, with many competing in the Midmar Mile.