Germiston Schools

Colin Mann Primary

The school has a thriving swimming team, with some pupils training with local clubs. 

2014 - Colin Mann Primary School’s swimming team won the Eastern Gauteng Schools B-League Gala this year. Eight schools from the Eastern region competed in this year’s galas.

In recent times Tyle Hughes (below) has done the school proud in swimming and lifesaving at the national level. She trains with the Boksburg Saints Swimming and Lifesaving Club.

St Catherines School

St Catherine's has a swimming pool and been competing in the Germiston inter-high gala since 2007, where it has been somewhat successful.

Germiston High School

Although the dates from 1917, and no doubt has an extensive history of swimming achievement, the school has undergone an almost 100 percent change in its pupil demographic since 1994, and swimming is no longer a big part of the sporting culture at Germiston High.

It does still have a functioning swimming pool, but little competitive swimming seems to take place at the school. Located next to Victoria Lake, the school focuses on rowing.