Milton BHS

Founded in 1910,  it was the first government all-boys school established in Bulawayo. The school has a rich history of achievement is aquatic sports.

In October 1933 Milton's first swimming colours were awarded to A.L. Painting who was a member of the Rhodesian Currie Cup team to visit Durban.

15 February 1964: The Milton swimming team won the Harriers Shield at the Matabeleland Inter-Schools Gala. Heavy rain washed out the last twenty events and it was agreed to award the trophy to the school in the lead.

Today (2019) it no longer offers those sports and its pool is dead.

In 1953, after ten years of planning and fund raising (£5000 from State Lotteries and £1000 from the Baron family as a memorial to their father), Milton's swimming pool was opened at a cost of £17,500.

The Milton High school swimming pool has not survived.

The pool in 1970.

Milton High School Swimming Teams

Milton High School Water Polo Teams

1947  - Swimming and Water Polo
SCHOOL swimming during the past year has been maintained at the high standard set in previous years, and the fact that we have a number of good juniors augurs well for the future.
At the Matabeleland Championships, held during December last year, the School swimmers won all the junior events. Milton placings were as follows:
50 Yards Under 14: 1, Wood; 3, Ross.
100 Yards Boys' Championship: 1, Mash; 2, Stott; 3, Haikney.
Boys' Diving Championship: 1, Stott; 3, Futter.
100 Yards Boys' Under 16 Breaststroke: 1, Stott; 2, Haikney; 3, Cooper.
50 Yards Men's Handicap: 1, Killick, K. R.; 3, Cooper.
150 Yards Men's Back-stroke Championship: 3, Killick, K. R.
We commenced the year well with three representatives in the Matabeleland team at the Rhodesian Championships. Stott is to be congratulated on gaining second place in the Men's Breast-stroke event. Mash gained third place In the junior 100 yards event, and Suttle was a member of the 4 x 100 yards relay team.

In March the Annual Schools' Gala was held, and by winning all the championship events the Milton swimmers gave a very creditable performance. Mash carried off the honours in the 100 yards Open with a very good time, and then proceeded to break the 50 yards under 16 record by two seconds. Suttle, after a very good swim, won the 100 yards breast-stroke event and lowered the record by 9/10 of a second. Stott was a close second. The School relay team (6 x 50 yards) broke the team race record, which we had set up last year, by five seconds, and on the following day lowered it by another three seconds in a competition with the Prince Edward School team and a strong Bulawayo team.

M-Milton. T-Technical. P-Plumtree.
100 Yards Open Championship: 1, Mash (M); 2, van Jaarsveldt (P); 3, Suttle (M). Time 60.8secs.
100 Yards Breast-stroke Championship: 1, Suttle (M); 2, Stott (M); 3, Hoasten (P). Time 80.7secs. Record.
50 Yards Back-stroke Championship: 1, Suttle (M); 2, McClurg (F); 3, Futter (M). Time 35.1secs.
50 Yards Under 16: 1, Mash (M); 2, Shute (M); 3, Grill (M). Time 25.6secs. Record.
Open Diving Championship: 1, Futter (M); 2, Stott (M); 3, Theodosiou (T).
Inter-Schools Team Race (6 x 50 yards): 1, Milton A; 2, Plumtree; 3, Technical. Time 2min 50.8secs. Record.

Water Polo.
As must always be the case after a number of excellent years, we have had, this year, a rather small and inexperienced side which has, however, acquitted itself well.
Unlike the war years when schoolboys practically had the bath to themselves, we now find it increasingly difficult to coach the newer members of the team, and regular practices are impossible. The Tuesday afternoon seesion is not nearly long enough for Instruction. The difficulty has been somewhat alleviated however by permission being granted to use the Military bath on Tuesdays and Fridays when Mr. Cleminshaw is able to give us valuable assistance. This arrangement is far from ideal since the practice times are not suitable to many Miltonians, and the only solution to our problem lies in having a bath of our own.

In the Inter-School matches for the Crusaders' Shield the School side played well, and had they shown the same form against Prince Edward School as against Plumtree we might still have been holders of the title. Unfortunately Killick was unable to play in these matches owing to illness. The School team consisted of: Suttle (Capt.), Futter, Haikney, Killick, Stott, Mash, van der Hoven and Bonakis.

Results of Matches
School v. Bulawayo Town Side, won 5-3.
v. R.A.F. Heany, won 6-1.
v. Technical School, won 6-O.
v. Plumtree School, won 9-2.
v. Prince Edward School, lost 5-3.
v. Plumtree School, won 7-4.
School Swimming Colours were awarded to: Mash, Stott, Killick, Suttle (re-award).

(From "The Bulawayo Chronicle.")
FIVE school and three inter-house records were broken during the interhouse swimming gala at the municipal bath on November 18.
R. Mash lowered the house record for the 100 yards free-style by two seconds. He also covered the 50 yards in 24.9 seconds, setting up a school record. G. Stott won the 100 yards breast-stroke, lowering the school record by two seconds. R. Suttle, who also finished within the record, was in the lead up to the last 5 yards but was passed by Stott with a fine burst of speed.

M. Michlesfield won the 25 yards under 13 in 14.4 seconds, clipping .4 second off the school record. B. Grill lowered the 50 yards under 16 house record by one second. The 50 yards senior backstroke was won by R. Killick in 35.2 seconds, lowering the house record by 2.4 seconds. The 25 yards junior backstroke fell to P. Walker, who lowered the school record by .4 second. Birchenough House "A" team lowered the school relay record by five seconds. Borrow House were a close second and also finished within the record. Birchenough team: Killick, Shute, Grill, Cunningham.