Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls developed along the railway line from Cape to Cairo. It's regional centre was the town of Livingstone - now in Zambia - across the river.

It was often a stop on sports tours to Rhodesia. The Hotel pool may not have been used for competition, but many swimmers and divers have visited there. The town has a private school with a pool, and in 2018 the Chinotimba Municipal pool was refurbished.

Although located in another country - the Zambian town of Livingstone was part of the British community that sprang up around the Victoria Falls around 1900. It had a well endowed high school, with a swimming pool, which has not survived.

The Victoria Falls feature as a venue for extreme diving.

Chinotimba Swimming Pool

The municipal poolwas derelict until a United Nations refurbishement project restored it in 2017. 

David Livingstone High School - Livingstone, Zambia