The 1976 Rhodesian championships held at the  Borrow Street pool in Bulawayo.

Matabeleland is the second province of Rhodesia, where the major city in Matabeleland is Bulawayo. Other swimming towns included Plumtree and Wankie.

There are at least 10 private schools that have swimming pools in the province, and a similar number of state schools with dead pools visible on the map .


The venerable Borrow Street municipal pool.


Plumtree High School was once a powerhouse in Rhodesian school sports.


The town - now known as Hwange - has an Olympic pool, and the local Thomas Coulter Primary School also once had it's own swimming pool. Coalfields Primary School is a private school founded in 1993 - which does seem to have a functioning pool. The Teachers College also has a dead pool.

The certificate below is evidence of some swimming activity in the town in earlier times.

Victoria Falls