Private Schools in Salisbury/Harare

Schools in developing southern African colonies were generally first established by religious and missionary organizations, before the creation of state schools.In the post-colonial era state schools formerly reserved for whites have degraded, as can be seen by the many dead pools at these schools. This drove the creation of numerous private schools, beyond state control. See the map for the location of the swimming pools and other locations.

In 1962 the Rhodesian Independent Schools Conference was formed with nine member headmasters: those of Arundel, Bishopslea and Chisipite in Salisbury. Peterhouse, Springvale which closed an re-opened as part of Peterhouse and Bernard Mizeki College are in Marandellas. Falcon College and Whitestone School are in Bulawayo. Eagle (closed in 1976) and St. Peter's Diocesan (closed in 1977). By 2015 there were 66 private schools.

All of remaining are thriving, well endowed schools that dominate aquatic sports in Zimbabwe in 2019.

Chisipite Girls School

Prince Edward School

St John's College


Hellenic Academy


St George's College and Hartmann House Prep School

Dominican Convent

Harare International School

Harare International School (HIS) is an American-sponsored international school, founded on 8thSeptember 1992,  to serve the diplomatic, non-governmental organization (NGO) and expatriate community. Both the Primary and High Schools participate in swimming.


Mazowe Boys High School is a Salvation Army private boarding school.