Prince Edward School

Prince Edward was established in 1898 as Salisbury Grammar. It was renamed Salisbury High School in 1906 and adopted its current name in 1925 when visited by Edward VIII, who was Prince of Wales at the time. It is the second oldest boys school in Harare and in Zimbabwe after its main sporting rival, St Georges' College.

1959 Prince Edward School Salisbury Rhodesia water polo team
1959 Prince Edward water polo team - I Deall, G Batho, Mr. AG Brown, R Robertson, D Buckley, N Marketos, PA Hulley (captain), R Webb, G Molan

1971 Prince Edward School water polo with: J Whitfield, L Murphy, M Surtees, R Donald, R Templeton, P Atkinson (captain), P Mellon



1981 Prince Edward School 1st Team Water Polo - winners of the Crusader Cup and Bruce Kennedy Trophy with: P Wakefield, J Brown, C Sapsford, C Harvey, L Norton, R Millar, RA Suttle (headmaster), G Roberts (captain), S Dacomb (vice captain), PH van Tonder (coach), R Deary

1986 Prince Edward School 1st Team Water Polo - Crusader Shield Champions — with Dean Maenzanise, Rob Green, Reginald Chigumira, Vaughan Smith, Patrick Nyamutsamba, Christopher Shepherd, Wayne Rose, Rob Green, Ruva Mupfekeri, Bruce Taka Gatsi, Washe Ruu, Marj Maf, Shaun Bowley and Ed Holden at Allan Wilson High School.

1997 Crusader Shield Champions — with Brett Wells, Nat Snook, Elaine Bobby Le Roux, Robert Dobson, Clint Smith, Adrian Fitz-Gerald, Ed Harvey, Wayde Isaac and Polly Smith.

2016 Inter house swimming