Jean Rennie and Gilbert Rennie High Schools

The Gilbert and Jean Rennie Schools were established in the early fifties in Lusaka, in the Kabulonga area. They were built in 1952 and was officially opened in 1954. Jean Rennie named after the wife of the then Governor of Northern Rhodesia, Sir Gilbert Rennie. It was a boarding school for girls. After independence the schools became Kabulonga Boys and Kabulonga Girls.
The two senior schools, the Gilbert and Jean Rennies, models in their day, were no different to any of the other buildings. The once green sports fields had given way to mealies, the goal posts long gone. This, in a country where soccer is a national obsession, was a surprise. The swimming pool between the two junior schools, once a place full of life and energy, was cracked and empty, and eerily quiet.
Bill Muller back right and Michael Blampied left, Duncan Rickards second from left.. Front Neville Roux, Derek Rowe-Roberts, Andrew Hippo Green, Basil Raath.

Jean Rennie GHS swimming team, Lusaka

Rennie Swimming Team c 1962 Back L to R Noel Kennedy, Roger Everest, Graham Hargreaves, Chris Snow Front L to R Susan Webster, Sandra McQuinn, Gillian Rundle, Vivien Parker