Guinea Fowl School

Guinea Fowl School was situated in open undulating country at the site of the 2nd World War Royal Air Force Training School. There were six houses - Wellington, Lancaster, York and Stirling (Stirling was still a girls’ house in 1959, the last year in which girls were still at the school).

GFS Wellington House Swimming Team 1967 bottom left Hok v d Berg 2nd from left Anthony Potts I see Hartly and Gleesons as well Moody far right
Fats De Lange, Erik Frangenheim, Fred Johnson, Wally Smith, Danny Smith, Ian B Middle Row. Hennie Cronje, Warrick, Broderick, Rick Elliot, Neil Mackenzie, Mel Turner, ??. Front Row. Wallace, Harvey Rowland, Rob Rafferty, Pete Smales, Peter Frangenheim, Smith, ?? Should read Ian Brink in the back row. Could be Richard Carruthers Smith next to Mel Turner.

1978 - School closures is a common issue in post-colonial African countires. Many schools have also changed name and ethos, often resulting in the swimming pools being left to rot.