Portuguese colonists in Mozambique only developed two major centres, both located on the coast - Loureço Marques in the south and Beira 1000 km to the north. A mere 100 km west of LM is the South African border town of Komatiepoort, while Beira was less than 300 km's from the Rhodesian border town of Umtali.

The interior of the country was unattractive to the Europeans. Manica, Vila Pery, and Gondola grew along the Beira Umtali road while Quelimane, Nacala, Nampula, Pemba, and Inhaminga are north of Beira. All of them were commercial centres that built swimming pools to attract colonists. Regina Veloso - 1960 Olympian - hailed from a village at the mouth of the Zambezi river called Chinde. 

Swimming gala in Lourenço Marques

Lourenço Marques

Clube Académico de Coimbra swimming pool.

There are a few large swimming pools in the capital city of Mozambique. Lourenço Marques joined the Portuguese swimming federation in 1953, after which swimmers from the colony competing in the national championships held in Portugal. 

Smaller centers of Mozambique

Towns along the main road to Rhodesian boasted beautiful pools - and some till do, like the 50m pool at Manica above. 

At places like Namaacha and Quelimane the pools unfortunately did not survive the end of Portuguese rule in Mozambique, as their dead remains are still visible.