Portuguese Africa

The Portuguese colonists in Angola and Mozambique first settled there in the late 1400's. They built trading posts, farms and mines which often developed into towns, which usually benefited from swimming pools and other sports facilities for their employees. In the larger towns and cities schools and private sports clubs often also had their own swimming pools. Mozambique beaches were a popular holiday destination for Rhodesians and South Africans.

Today most of these facilities no longer exist, although their ruins can often still be clearly seen. today soem are also being restored. 

The Portuguese considered their colonial territories to be part of the Portugal, including sports. Athletes competed in the national championships held in Portugal and athletes from South Africa and Rhodesia sometimes competed in Mozambique.


The pool at the Grupo de Sportivo in Lourenço Marques - 1971.

The tropical climate made swimming was a popular sport in all parts of colonial Mozambique. Town swimming pools, often boasting 10m diving boards, were common. Sporting clubs like the Grupo de Sportiva and dos Velhos Colonos in Lourenço Marques organised activities.


 The town swiming and diving pool in Malanje in the principal cotton-producing area of Portuguese West Africa