Niels Bouws

Dutch born and trained Professional swimming Coach Niels E. Bouws produced SA National Champions from the beginning of his career in South-Africa (1958) till the end in 1974, when he was Head Coach of the Springbok team in the test against Rhodesia, in a team that included 5 of his Cape Town swimmers! Click here to see an article about the Gordons SC.
In 1974 he was appointed National Swimming Coach for West-Germany, a position he kept until retirement in 2001.

1972 - Niels with Springbok Irene van der Linde

Niels with Springboks Sharon Poole and Jonty Skinner in 1974.

Jonty was coached by his Dad, mainly for surfswimming, as there was no training facility in East London. In 1970 (or 71) he moved to Cape Town and trained with me (became a sprinter, breaking the SA Record in 100m ) until 1974 (when I left for Germany) I had him take a scholarship at Alabama Uni.
There my former mentor Don Gambrill was the head coach. After the OG 1976, where he could not take part, as he was still South-African, Jonty swam, at the USA Champs, his world Record of 49.49 for the 100m. 


Curriculum Vitae      
PERSONAL DATA            
Date of Birth: 18.07.1936        
First residence: Heidelberg, GER and second residence: Cape Town, RSA  
Until 1954     Normal Primary and High School (3 year HBS)
1954-1956     Dutch Sports Coaches Academy (CIOS in Overveen, NED)
    Coaching Certification for Swimming, Waterpolo, Synchronized Swimming, Diving 
    Coaching Certification for Basketball  
    Certified Sports Masseur     
1962 (Summer)     Assistant Coach to Forbes Carlile (KNZB, NED)
1966 (Summer)    Assistant Coach to Don Gambrill and Peter Daland (Los Angelos, CA)
1996-1999    German Coaches Academy (TA in Cologne, GER),  Coaching Certification for Swimming
1958-1962      First Professional Head Swimming Coach “Wanderers Club” in Johannesburg, RSA
1958-1963         Owner of Seal Swim School in Johannesburg, RSA 
1963-1974    Owner of Seal Swim School Pty. Ltd. In Cape Town, RSA
    Technical Director for Swimming, South-African Amateur Swimming Union (SAASU)
1966 - 1974   Head Coach of the Gordons Institute, Cape Town
1974    Head Coach South-African National Swimming Team (Dual Meet with Rhodesia) 
1974-2001    National Coach of the German Swimming Federation (DSV), with following areas of  responsibility:
1974-1977   Head Coach of the National Youth Teams (Boys and Girls)
1977-1980   Head Coach of the National Men Teams  
1980-1990      Head Coach of the National Women Teams  
1990-2001      Head Coach of the National Junior Teams (Men and Women)                     
    Head Coach of the “European All Star” Women Team at the Goodwill Games 2001      
2001-2004    Consultant to Sports Director and Team Chef Swimming in DSV
2004-2007    Consultant to ASA of Great Britain    
2005 - present   Initiator and Director of “SwimStars” Learn-to-Swim Programmes
1959-1974   Founding Member and Hon.Secr. (1970-1974) of the SA Swimming Coaches Ass
1967-1974   Founding Member and Chairman of the Professional Swimming Teachers Union in Cape Town , RSA                                             
1967-present   Member of American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA)
1974-85, 2002-present Member of German Swimming Coaches Association (DSTV)
1994-present   Member of the World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA)
1998-2001   Vice-President WSCA      
2001-2005   President WSCA      
2005-2009   Boardmember WSCA      
dated: Cape Town, 06.04.2008      

1969 with Carey and Tessa Finlay


Niels enjoying life