South African Aquatic Championships

1901 - Cape Town

The second South African aquatic championships started on 22nd February 1901, at the Claremont Baths in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. The event included one 100 yard Championship  swimming race, various other carnival-type races like the blindfold race and handicap, and two water polo teams competing for the Currie Cup.

The whole affair was abandoned prematurely by the death of Queen Victoria on that same day - after the heats but before the finals of the 100 yards race. By then the Boer War was in its second year - and many men were involved with the fighting.

An Australian newspaper from Queensland carried the following (probably incorrectly reported date) report on 1 May 1901 about  EM Wearin, who became a local hero in South African swimming.

100 yards championships

Heat 1   
Porter, FW Suburban SC 
Marais, RF Leander SC 
Cornwell, WD Green and Sea Point SC
Heat 2   
Marais, George Leander SC 
Goldrick, W Marist Brothers Uitenhage SC
Marais , P Leander SC 
Marcus,E Green and Sea Point SC
Final no event 

 SAASU Commitee members

Goldbold, AB  (WPASA) President  
Marks, E EPASA  
Dickenson, HC EPASA  
Findley, H WPASA  
Pilkington, GW WPASA  
Shelvoke, GE Honorary secretary  

Tournament Officials

Water Polo    
Findley, H Referee  
Walker, HW  (EPASA) scorer  
Corbet-Browne scorer  
Lewis, AJS timekeeper  
Goldbold, AB Referee  
Fiddian-Green, William Judge  
Lewis, AJS Judge  
Corbet-Browne Starter  
Findley, H timekeeper  
Johnson, BS timekeeper