South African Swimming Championships 

1902 - Port Elizabeth

With the Boer War still affecting lives, the third South African championships were once again hosted by the Eastern Province ASA. No images of the facilities used in these early galas have yet been located

Edward Melville Wearin, later also known as Capt. EM Wearin - a soldier serving in South Africa during the Boer War, from Maryborough in Queensland, Australia.


100 yds Championships  
Heat 1  
Goldrick, W Marist Brothers, Uitenhage
Hertbert, F  
Wrensch, Harry  
Heat 2  
Wearin, E WP
Cornwell, William WP
Mark, AE  
Reeves, C  
Heat 3  
Marais, RF WP
Porter, H WP
Carswell, Robert EP
MacEwan, E  
1.  Wearin, E  
2.  Cornwell, William  
3.  Goldrick, W  
4.  Marais, RF  

500 yards Championships  
1.   Wearin, Ted  
2.   Cornwell, William  
3.   Carswell, Robert  

Water Polo  
Western Province  
Solomon, Reggie  
Solomon, Gus  
Wrensch, Harry  
Herbert, FW  
Pilkington, GW  
Marais, RF  
Eastern Province Lost 
Carswell, Robert  
Marks, AE  
MacEwan, K  
Cunningham, C  
Bunton, J  
Saunders, P  
Goldrick, W  
Rens, JT  
Torgins, H  
Uitenhage SC polo team Lost 5-2 to WP. Other local PE clubs were Institute and Redhouse.






British enthusiasm for water polo - played here in a river during the Boer War - painted by George Soper

Southampton to Durban steamer RMS Saxon, on which the Western Province water polo and swimming teams travelled to Port Elizabeth in 1902. On arrival in PE there was no wharf - so passangers had to swing onto a small boat by a rope - many fell into the water before getting to dry land!

Provinces and Team members

Western Province
Eastern Province
Northern Transvaal
Orange Free State