Newspaper articles about the first South African national swimming championships and Currie Cup water polo tournament, held in Janaury 1900 at the Humewood Bath, Port Elizabeth.

Cuttings from the Cape Times and Eastern Province Herald.

At a meeting held in the Phoenix Hotel in Port Elizabeth on 15th January 1900 the officals for the upcoming championships are announced by SAASU. 

9 January 1900 - The Observatory Road swimming baths in Cape Town to used by professor Doyle for a swimming and diving exhibition.

 The Cape Town Swimming Club announces its program for January 1900. Water polo matches against Green and Sea Point swimming club for the Godbold-Findaly Cup. life saving practices were also held, and events for the annual club gala announced.

 the Godbold-Findaly Cup

Matches at the Normal College pool between Suburban SC and Cape town SC. The team for Suburban to include H. Findlay, Corbet-Brown, Steward, CowperYates and PF Smith. For Cape Town Sc the teams include AB Godbold, Kemp, Brebner, Dait, Shelvoke, Nott and Smith.

13 January 1900 - water polo match between Cape Town SC and Suburban SC at the Normal College Baths.

 SAASU announces the first ever Currie Cup, to be held in Port Elizabeth.

14 Janaury 1900 - Advert for the Sea Point baths, illuminated until 10pm, for gentlemen only.

Exhibition by Professor Doyle, including the Monte Christo act, which had him placed in a sack, and then placed in the water. He obviously quickly escaped.

 Peninsula AFC swimming section training notice to members.

20 January 1900 - Currie Cup Water Polo tournament played for the first time, and won by Western Province. trophy was presented by the local represenatitive of the Castle Shipping Company Mr. Martin. The founder of the Castle Line was Sir Donald Currie, who had donated the trophy.

12 February 1900 - Cape Town Swimming Club 2nd annual gala to be held in the Graving (Dry) dock. the mayor, town Clerk and harbour captain were all present. Events included diving, water polo, life saving and swimming races.