Municipal Baths - 2 March 1914

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50 yard     66 yards Ladies Race
Heat 1     Heat 1  
Fowle, JK Transvaal   Ogilvie, E  
Price, HJ Natal   Grey, C  
Gracey, Jas. EP   Steft  
Heat 2     Heat 2  
Fiddes, R Transvaal   Leyds, J  
Carlisle, HW Border   Ayris, Edna  
Dumant, PE Natal   Whittaker, I  
Final     Final  
Price, HJ Natal   Steft  
Fowle, JK Transvaal   Leyds, J  
Fiddes, R Transvaal   Ogilvie, E  
100 yards Championship   220 yards Championships
Heat 1     Heat 1  
Carlisle, HW Border   Godfrey, George Natal
Francis, JL Transvaal   Francis, JL Transvaal
Biggs, CEL Natal   Petsch, CF Natal
Greenlees, HC Natal      
Beukes, CW OFS   Heat 2  
      Beukes, Alex OFS
Heat 2     Lunderstedt, RW Transvaal
Godfrey, George Natal   Carlisle, HW Border
Lunderstedt, RW Transvaal      
Jenkins, B Transvaal   Final  
Cantel, CA Natal   Godfrey, George Natal
Beukes, Alex OFS   Francis, JL Transvaal
      Lunderstedt, RW Transvaal
Carlisle, HW Border   500 yards Championship
Godfrey, George Natal   Godfrey, George Natal
Francis, L Transvaal   Lunderstedt, RW Transvaal
Lunderstedt, RW Transvaal   Petsch, CF Natal
Biggs, CEL Natal      

Water Polo Results        
Tvl 3 - Natal 2        
Border 2 - WP 1        
Tvl 7 - WP 0        
Natal 9 - EP 0        
Tvl 5  - Border 0        
Tvl 9 - EP 1        
Natal 5 - Border 0         

Transvaal Water Polo team   Border  
Sarginson, FW goal, capt   Dicks, WJP capt
Foley, C     Carlisle, HW  
Maclean, Gorden Boksburg   Primmer, EJ  
Glencross, G     Carlisle, RW  
Francis, L     Fraser, C  
Carswell, Robert     Godfrey, AD  
Clarke, HH     Reynolds, JS  
Patrick, H     Phillips, L  
Clarke, MHO     Burns, C  
Jenkins, B     Melrose, G  
Auret, LF        
Eastern Province     Natal  
Messina, E     Paull, WE goal
Murrell, RC     Greenlees, HC capt
Robertson, DC     Biggs, CEL  
Forsyth, S     English, JR PMB
Rens, JT     Godfrey, George  
Clift, L     Godfrey, GE  
Slatem, S capt   Petsch, CF  
Elliot, H     Morgan, GA PMB
Walton, CJ manager   Brown, CS  
Gracey, Jas.        
Pearson, O        
Ansley, M        
Western Province        
Nelson, C goal      
Lewis, WR capt      
Lemonsky, J        
Mulliner, A        
de Villiers, C        
McClure, J        
Marloth, W        

Articles from the Rand Daily Mail, Natal Witness and the Sunday Times.







9 March 1914  - Transvaal wins Currie Cup water polo tournament in Johannesburg