South African Swimming Championships 1912 - Port Elizabeth

South African swimming championships held at Port Elizabeth in the salt water pool built next to the harbour in 1898. In the swimming George Godfrey won the 100 from Transvalers Ben Jenkins and CB Foley, who finished  third. The 220 yards freestyle was a clean sweep for Natal - George "Looper" Godfrey first, RH Simons second ad CF Petsch third. In the 500 yard championships these three again won the medals, with Petsch second and Simons third. 

In the water polo Transvaal won the cup on a goal average, as both Natal and Transvaal had played four and won three games.

1912 was a momentous year for South African swimming - its first Springbok went to the Olympic Games. Legendary swimmer and water polo player George "Looper" Godfrey of Durban was selected to represent to new Union of South Africa. 

On the 25 February 1912 the Sunday Times reported that Richard Westenra - son of the earl of Rossmore swam across part of False Bay.

He started at Abe Bailey's dock in Muizenberg, and assisted by Henry Hooper - who was the first man to swim to Robben Island - he made it to Fish Hoek.