Northern Transvaal

The Northern Transvaal, known as the Limpopo province, was a large, relatively sparsely populated province, mostly used for farming. Located along the northern border of South Africa, it shared a border with Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Botswana and Mozambique.

As it lacked mineral wealth until platinum was discovered there in 1923, the province had little attraction for the conquering British after the Boer War, except as a hunting ground for the abundant game still found in the region. 

Based around the capital city of Pretoria, the Northern Transvaal (or Noord Transvaal  to most of the local inhabitants) competes today as Northern Tigers (Note the same NT abbreviation). Towns along the N1 highway to the border at Messina also includes Pietersburg, Potgietersrus, Warmbad, Louis Trichard. South of Pretoria is Centurion.

The British influence on town planning is clearly absent from the towns of the Northern Transvaal, as there are almost no municipal swimming pools in the province, outside of the capital Pretoria. There are also very few private schools, besides the many new ones south of Pretoria. Some of the towns have suffered the ignominy of being renamed after the ANC takeover of their municipalities, and these towns also have a number of dead swimming pools. 

See the map for the location of the swimming pools.


The old Transvaal capital with its British colonial Union Buildings has numerous municipal pools and many well-managed state and private schools with swimming pools. 


Originally known as Lyttleton, and then in 1967 as Verwoerdburg, it became Centurion in 1995. It was incorporated with Pretoria in 2000. The town grew along the N1 hiway between Johannesburg and Pretoria. It includes densely built high security estates as well as open spaces still used for farming and plots.


Now known as Polokwane, the town is home to former world age group record holder and Springbok swimming legend Dougie Eager, who coaches the Polokwane Swimming Academy.

Smaller centres

While the main towns are located along the N1, the many small towns of the bosveld have fewer dead pools than the Western Transvaal. Hoƫrskool Piet Potgieter of Potgietersrus swimming team (above).