Transvaal swimming towns

The old Transvaal Republic became a colony, and then a large province in the South Africa. For sporting purposes it was broken into a number of smaller entities. Southern Transvaal )or just Transvaal) was based around the major city of Johannesburg.

Northern Transvaal included territory northwards from Pretoria. To the west the province of Western Transvaal included Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp.

The Eastern Transvaal stretched to the Mozabique border, including Boksburg, Benoni, Germiston, Witrivier, Witbank, Nelspruit and Ermelo. 

In the 1970's a province known as the Vaal Traingle was created around Sasolburg, van der Bijl Park and Vereeniging.


  • Johannesburg

Northern Transvaal

  • Pretoria

Western Transvaal

The home of the Mielieboere, this province was based around Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp. Smaller platteland towns included Orkney and Lichtenburg.

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