South African Swimming Championships 1906 - Pretoria

Vermeulen street baths

On 5 March 1906 the South African Swimming Championships and Currie Cup Water Polo Tournament went inland for the first time - to the new colony of the Transvaal. Star swimmer of the event was Ben Jenkins, who won all of the swimming events in 1906 and 1908. See below for more information about champion swimmer Ben Jenkins.

  100 yard Championship   220 yards  
  Heat 1     Heat 1  
  Wunder, Len WP   McLean  
  Ralph, FJ Tvl   Wunder  
  Beck, HE Natal   Robertson  
  Robertson, N East london   Plowright  
  Bloom, A EP      
        Heat 2  
        Ben Jenkins Tvl
  Heat 2     FR Deare  EP
  FR Deare  East London HE Beck Natal
  WD Cornwell WP   Hart  
  CE Harris Tvl      
  AG McLean Tvl   Final  
        Ben Jenkins Tvl
  Heat 3      FR Deare EP
  Ben Jenkins Tvl   AG McLean Tvl
  Plowright Natal  
  Acton Tvl      
  Final     500 yards  
  B Jenkins Tvl   Ben Jenkins Tvl
  Len Wunder WP   O'Neill Tvl
  FR Deare East London   FR Deare EP
  WD Cornwell WP   N Robertson  
  Boys under 16 - Pretoria      
  JE Ford        
  LDP van Coller        
  D Murdoch        
  SAASU Officials      
  Pilkington referee      
  WF Ross judges      
  G Reynolds judges      
  W Dixon starter      
  HG Reid check starter      
  JB Ryan timekeepers      
  JC Marsh timekeepers      
  FW Surgison timekeepers      
  HG Reid timekeepers      
  RP Walsh timekeepers      
  W Dixon timekeepers      


Water Polo

  Transvaal   Natal    
  Sargison, FW goal Geogehan goal  
  O'Neill Tvl 7 Natal 1 Pye-Smith, F    
  Ryan, JB Tvl 5 EP 4 Beck, H    
  Thornhill   Haywood, F    
  Harris, Charlie   Sulin, H    
  Jenkins, Ben   Plowright, W    
  Harris, Ralph   H Lorrimer    
  Eastern Province    
  Rice goal Pilkington, GW goal  
  Marks   Haswell WP 9 EP 3  
  Haigh   Solomon WP 7 Natal 0  
  Bloom   Winny WP 8 Tvl 5  
  Longworth   Preswell    
  Carswell, Robert   Cornwell, Willie    
  Deare, FR   Wrensch, Harry