Swimming towns of South Africa

Long Street indoor swimming pool - Cape Town

These articles are about the the towns and cities in sporting provinces of South Africa where aquatic sports have been popular over the years.

Success in aquatic sports requires suitable facilities. Municipalities and schools built and maintained the facilities, and coaching was done by any willing coach.

Some have beautiful British lido-style sprawling  Olympic-length swimming pools with baby pools, while others were built before metric length pools became standard. 

Many towns had municipal swimming pools that have now being demolished. See the map for the dead pools shown by black dots.

The prosperity, weather and availability of water all play a part in the creation and ongoing maintenance of swimming pools. Today many municipalities no longer have the required knowledge, so many pools are simply abandoned by municipalities that lack the skills or money to maintain them.

Skilful coaches for aquatic sports are generally uncommon in southern Africa, particularly in the platteland towns, where the role of coach was/is usually carried by a enthusiastic school teacher. Sports was usually important in the generally well-run schools found all over the country, although different schools focussed on different sports.