Aquatic Sports histories from southern Africa

Archibald Sinclair and William Henry: Swimming - 1893 is an English book on aquatic sports - swimming, water polo, diving and life saving. Early aquatic sports in South Africa was a direct copy of of the activities described in this book.


Cook, Howard - Southern Africa history of water polo 

Getz, Harry - Swimming - SAASU president 

Haasbroek, Dr. Hannes - Die Swembadgeskiedenis van Bloemfontein 

Harker, Bob - Queens Park SC - A review of the first 90 years 

McLean, Robert - A History of Diving in southern Africa 

Kiphuth, Bob -  lecture for SAASU - Johannesburg, 1956 

Geskiedenis van swem in Suid Afrika in Suid Afrika - RGN Verslag 1975

Swaffer, HP - South African Sport 1914

Tech ASC - Golden Jubilee 1924 - 1974

Thipe, Lekgowe - The narrative of a Black Swimmer - MSc thesis - 2007

TuksSwimming - story of swimming at University of Pretoria 

Die geskiedenis van Suid Afrikaanse swem -  SAASU jaarboek 1971 


Rhodesian Aquatics - the early years

Click here to see the a video of the 1968 Rhodesian swimming Championships

Kamilla Swart in Sports around the World: History, Culture, and Practice edited by John Nauright