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Diving Coaches of South Africa

The de Jong diving centre in Pretoria. 
Ann Ross was born on November 28, and between 1940 and 1944 she was unquestionably the Queen of American Springboard Diving, winning 9 US AAU national titles, when USA diving was number one in the world. In 1923, Anne graduated from Port Washington High School as valedictorian. She received her bachelor's degree from Barnard College in N.Y., and a master's in physical education from Wellesley College in Mass. She was the author of the book, Teaching Springboard Diving, and dozens of articles, a lecturer and teacher in five colleges and universities in the USA and in South Africa at the university of Stellenbosch from 1952 - 1954. She has conducted workshops and clinics in 116 different cities in synchronized swimming as well as in her first love springboard diving.
Ann Ross demonstrating at Umtali in Rhodesia in 1954. 
November 13, 2015 
"Point your ugly feet!" 
-Rhett Gardener, Coach

Meet one of the De Jong Diving Club coaches. Rhett is a brilliant and resilient coach who will, without a doubt, ensure that you succeed in diving. 

And this is why he is an expert in his field: 

-Triple World Masters Diving Champion 
-Former South African Diver
-Dived South African Championships 1964-1992
-Dived in World Masters and placed in every category

Rhett still amazes us on the boards today at the De Jong pool, a true legend of diving!
Rhett Gardener:
Keith Russell was brought out to SA and Rhodesia by Ernst de Jong. That was when Ernst led the breakaway SADU - South African Diving Union. I have an idea that it may be the SADU Springbok worn by Ernst. as far as i remember this would have been in the early 70s as Ernst de Jong persuaded a number of 'just retired' divers to come out to Africa and compete and have a holiday of a lifetime. Kobus Scheepers you are right that it is the diver from Brigham Young. David Parrington would have dived against him while he was in SA and Rhodesia.

David Parrington Yes, Kobus this is the same Keith Russell who both dove and coached at BYU and was a bronze medalist in the 68 Games if my memory serves me correctly. After his collegiate career ended he continued to train and then assisted coaching with Dick Smith at The Woodlands TX when it first opened. He coached at BYU for quite a few years where I became pretty good friends with him. A fantastic guy. Keith came out to SA with a number of USA and other international divers and competed at what I think was the RSA Cup as mentioned by Rhett. This occurred for two consecutive years in the early 70's and was a series of meets in locations such as Pretoria, Pietersburg, Pinetown and Cape Town. I dove one of the meets in Pinetown December 71 I think. Ernie was the organizer behind it all, bringing out great divers who were recently retired or weren't worried whether they were sanctioned by FINA or not. Somewhere I have a program from the Pretoria meet and I'll try to dig it out.