State Schools in Salisbury

In Harare today (2019) water polo and other aquatic sports continue to thrive. Pupils compete in national and international events. Unlike the past, the best athletes in aquatic sports are largely drawn from private schools, while many state schools have allowed their pools to become derelict. Very little information is available about aquatic sports at state schools today.

Dead Pools

State schools with pools that appear to have become disfunctional. Click on the links to see them on the map:

Listed here are just some of the state schools where some evidence of aquatic sports activities have survived.

Roosevelt Girls High School

Roosevelt Girls High School logo

A top ranked swimming school, winners of the inter-schools gala on a number of occasions.

Founded in 1950 as the brother school to nearby Roosevelt. GHS. Churchill was a local swimming powerhouse in earlier years, but no longer offers aquatic sports, and the school pool is defeunct.

1978 - Churchill Boys High Salisbury Rhodesia Water Polo team

1978 - Churchill Boys High Water Polo team

1979 - Churchill Boys High Salisbury Rhodesia Water Polo team

1979 - Churchill Boys High Salisbury Rhodesia Water Polo team

Ellis Robins BHS and Mabelreign GHS

Ellis Robins and it's sister school Mabelreign GHS are located in the suburb of Mabelreign, where Frank and Lillian Parrington ran the Pirates Swimming Club.

Many famous Rhodesian swimmers came from these institutions, including the Burden sisters and Louis Mes.

Allan Wilson Technical Boys' High School and Queen Elizabeth GHS

Allan Wilson THS and Queen Elizabeth GHS were both opened in 1940.

Hallingbury Primary

Mount Pleasant HS

Rhett Gardener: Notice the diving stage. The Beit Trust built many school pools after the schools already had a Beit Hall. All Beit Trust pools had 1 and 3m boards with Gwelo Fibreglass Industries diving boards which were replicas of the Holland made Lucas Pesie Diving boards. No wonder Rhodesian diving was so strong

Blakiston Primary

Avondale Primary

Alexandra Park Primary School

Oriel BHS and Oriel GHS

Swimming team 1972. Second from right at the back is Gillian Tabor who died in Viscount aircrash. Kate Durdan 3rd from left. Front row with Les Emmerton, Caroline Arkwright, Mary Walls, Julie Marr Levine, Julie Marr-Levine, Bridget Conacher, Lynn McCormack, Midge Durden, Heather McNeillie, Kate Durdan, Moira McGee, Margie McGraw, April Younghusband, Ainslee Jordan, Helen Kiel, Rilda Brookes, Sue Marshall, Heather Hendry, Gillian Tabor, Susan Condy, Jeannie Pittman Crook, Blanche Cleghorn, Nikki Kleine and Lyn Rob.

1973 - Swimming Team — with Moira Bertram Spargo, Wendy Hitchcock, Deb Harley Birch, Midge St Dare, Blanche Stephenson, Lyn Scholefield, wendy bourne, Dave N Cheryl Fisher, Susan Douse and Sheila Bertram Taylor.
Oriel BHS pool 2012
Oriel BHS pool 2015 after rehabilitation.

Circa 1976 - with Rodesian Breastroke champion Steve Pink and Brian Alcock, Duncan Mutch, Milton Goldschmidt, Gary Wilke, Lloyd Flint and Pete Liversidge.