The Human Torpedo

The swimming pool in Blackpool is a huge indoor stadium where sound is amplified by the vast space between the roof and the pool itself.
In August 1965, the roof was nearly lifted into the cold, grey Atlantic ocean lapping across the road, as thousands of unbelieving spectators rose to cheer on of the most astonishing feats in swimming history.
A few moments previously they they has seen a slim little five-footer, just 12 year old weighing all of 110 pounds, smash the world's record for the 110 yards backstroke by 0.8 seconds. The fair-headed Karen Muir of Kimberley had been selected for the trip solely to gain experience, and because of her pixie-like shyness had immediately become the team's mascot. Now she had put her dusty hometown as firmly back on the world map as though another diamond rush was on down there. 

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