1938 South African Championships - East London

4th - 10th March  - Orient Baths

1938 Western Province team, winners of the 32nd Currie Cup. Back row l/t/r; F. Gruhn, R. Loydell, L. Maister, D. Collins & inset J. King. Seated f/l/t/r: Roy Clegg,S. Collins (capt) P. Herbstein (manager),I. Berkovitch, M.Jurisch.   Photo thanks to Nico Lamprecht.

The champiosnhips were held at East London in the 55 yard salt water Orient Baths, where Natal won the Ellis-Brown Aggregate Trophy and Western Province won the  water polo tournament and the Currie Cup.

National champions Molly Ryde, Carla Gerke, Hazel Holmes, Terry Collard were at the Empire Games during the South African championships.

On 1st February 1938 local swimmer Helen Hutton wins the Swartkops River mile for the third year in a row. Second was Joyce Clark and Mary Paine of Rehouse, in a dead heat. Another open water event was the Enduro Swim - 5 miles upriver from the Swartkops Yacht Club to Redhouse.



55 yards Freestyle C Taylor CP Hewgill H Hume
Junior 110 Freestyle T Thomson T Tirell R Cowie
110 Freestyle  JD Rochford  RJ Loydell  
220 Freestyle  GH May  AE Sprague  JD Rochford
440 Freestyle  AE Sprague    
880 Freestyle   AE Sprague    
150 Backstroke  GH May  L Johnston  WP Stanford
220 Breaststroke  R Harcourt-Cooke    
Diving Chris Lubbe    



110 Freestyle J Daly S johnson S Grainger
Junior 220 Freestyle S Grainger E Lewis Joyce Clark
220 Freestyle Toni Olivier S Johnson H Hutton
440 Freestyle Toni Olivier    
150 yards Backstroke I Thomson    
220 Breaststroke L Hammond B Witt Toni Olivier
Diving D van Kralingen D Lee ES Gibbs

Teams at the 1938 South African swimming, diving and water polo championships.

Eastern Province 

Geoff Mandy - diving (Uitenhage ASC)
Graham Cherrington
Otto Schweitzer
Anton Nykamp
David Bell
J Fulton
Arthur Hume
Gordon Buchanan
Harold Hammond
Helen Hutton
George Inge
Grainger Heugh
Basil Rabie
Olga Parkin
Mary Paine
Joyce Clark
R Cherrington - Junior