Teams from SACS in Cape Town travelled to Durban to compete in boys events

  Men       Women      

100 RJ Loydell WF Charles F Horn   Kathleen Russell (NR) Enid Haywood Jenny Maakal M Billing
500 J Stewrt L Andrew C Taylor   Jenny Maakal Enid Haywood Kathleen Russell  
150         J Wier V Parkinson I Thomson  
100 H Phillips C Bluett A Heslop          
220 K Yuill H Phillps A Heslop R Horn        

Free relay                
200 Northern Transvaal              
Boys relay SACS Durban HS Technical HS          
Women's Inter club 200 Team Race   Cygnus (Natal) Municipals (Tvl) Pretoria (Ntvl)  
Men's Inter club 200 Team Race          
  Pretoria Otters ERPM Queen's Park          
1m         M Billing T Haigh D Lee  
Water Polo Currie Cup              
Ellis Brown                
Women's 100 yards Heats            
        Heat 1 Enid Haywood Transvaal    
          A Ensor Smith Natal    
          A Billing Natal    
        Heat 2 Kathleen Russell Transvaal    
          Jenny Maakal Noord Transvaal    
          M Wier Noord Transvaal    
Men's 100 yard Heats            
Heat 1 R Dunbar Transvaal            
  G May Natal            
  A Cadenhead Natal            
Heat 2 W Charles Transvaal            
  F Horn Natal            
  C Taylor OFS            
Heat 3 S Sapsford OFS            
  L Andrew OFS            
  R Horn Natal            
Heat 4 RJ Loydell Western Province            
  G Eddy OFS            
  R Neyt Transvaal            
Women's 500 yard Heats   Heat 1 Jenny Maakal      
          E Hayward      
          Kathleen Russell      
          M Wibberley Natal    
        Heat 2 C Frank Noord Transvaal    
          M Ensor Smith      
          P Hayward Transvaal    
          J Robb Transvaal