Port Elizabeth

The 1908 Currie Cup must have been a sad affair as the Western Province players failed to send a team - and Transvaal wins the trophy for the first time.

Spectators are treated to an exhibition by the famous Sisters Johnson and Professor Pickering, as well as Nellie Cooney, a visiter from the Thames SC in New Zealand.

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21 March 1908  
100 yards     220 yards      
Heat 1     Ben Jenkins Tvl    
Ben Jenkins Tvl   AG McLean Tvl    
M Robertson East London   FR Deare Eastern Province  
GV Woodhead Natal   George Godfrey Natal    
FR Deare  Eastern Province RH Simons Natal    
D'Arcy Searle ORC          
Heat 2     500 yards      
L Leo Tvl   Ben Jenkins Tvl    
AG McLean Tvl   George Godfrey  Natal    
F Pay Natal   AG McLean      
George Godfrey Natal   FR Deare      
Ben Jenkins Tvl SA Record        
L Leo Tvl          
F Pay Natal          
AG McLean Tvl          
M Robertson East London          
Clift Cup relay for boys under 16        
Marist Bos (Uitenhage)          
Grey Instutute            
Anchor RC            
PE Institute SC            
Diving Exhibition          
Hicks Harbour Board diver        
Swimming Exhibition          
Sisters Johnson            
Professor Pickering            
Nellie Cooney            

Transvaal wins the Currie Cup - first time not won by WP      
Water Polo       Natal    
Transvaal Tvl 11 EL 1     AD Geoghegan goal Queens Park
AC Dowsett goal     PW Barnes   Queens Park
Ben Jenkins       F Pay   Queens Park
A Cornet       R Simons   Queens Park
Robert Carswell       D Morley   Leander
LF Auret       C Brown captain Leander
East London       Western Province  
J Carlisle goal Signet Sc   no team sent    
G Whitting   Buffalo SC        
JS McGregor   YMCA        
GO Haigh captain Buffalo SC         
W Benton   Signet Sc        
H Steadman   Buffalo SC        
R Carlisle   Buffalo SC        
Eastern Province EP 3 - Natal 1        
W  Rice   PEA        
TW Gleaves   Institute        
AE Marks   PEA        
A Bunton   Institute        
G Longworth   Institute        
P Botha   Institute