South African Swimming Championships 1904 - Camp's Bay, Cape Town

After last year's disappointment the Eastern Province team traveled to Cape Town for the 1904 event, which started in Camps Bay's indoor pool on 14 March. For the first time the Transvaal team also participated, making the water polo tournament a three-way competition. EM Wearin won all the championship events, while Western Province retained the Currie Cup. Newspaper cuttings are from the Cape Times



  100 Yards    
  Heat 1    
  EM Wearin WP  
  F Felstead WP  
  P Saunders  Tvl  
  Heat 2    
  P  Russel WP  
  Robert Carswell EP  
  G Longworth EP  
  Haigh EP  
  Harris Tvl  
  1.   EM Wearin    
  2.   P  Russel    
  3.   Robert Carswell    
  4.   F Felstead    
  W Green referee  
  GW Pilkington judges  
  de Villiers judges  
  H Findlay starter  
  W Dixon timekeeper  
  A Findlay timekeeper  

  220 yard Final    
1 EM Wearin WP  
2 L Wunder WP  
3 J Carswell EP  
4 Longworth EP  
5 Gleaves EP  

  500 yards  Final    
1 E Wearin (NR)    
2 Robert Carswell    
3 Gleaves    
4 Hough    

  Water Polo    
    WP 20 Tvl 0  
  Western Province    
  H Findlay goal  
  R Barter    
  E Winnie    
  H Wrensch    
  P Russel    
  R Solomon    
  F Porter    
  G Shelvoke    
  EP vs Transvaal EP 9 Tvl 0  
  Eastern Province    
  W Messina goal  
  Ryan goal  
  E Lilienfeld    
  M Lilienfeld    



Diocesan College (Bishops)  school swimming gala competing for the Rhodes Cup - donated by Cecil John Rhodes

In May 1904 an Australian newspaper from Newcastle, NSW reports on Fred Ralph competing in the Transvaal.

 Mr F J Ralph won the 100 yards South African championship event in 1910