Aquatic sports visitors to southern Africa.

Over the years several competitors, teams and coaches have visited South Africa, where they gave clinics, exhibitions and competed in local events. With further research information of these visitors might be located.

An early Australian visitor was Ernest Cavil - Champion of Australia and America - in 1898. See the report from the EP Herald of 10 March, showing Cavill at the "new baths" built in Port Elizabeth, which also reports the creation of the PE Amateur Swimming club on Tuesday 8 March, 1898. A Carnival was held to celebrate the opening of the pool, and Mr Cavil gave an exhibition.

1919 - Australians - Steadman, Morris and Springfield.

1925  - Hilda James

1929 - English women

1930/1931??- Dutch -  see 21 Feb 1931 EP Herald

1939 - Australia

1952 - Ann Ross

1956 - Australians - Devitt, Konrads, Gathercole, Bainbridge

1957 - Dutch team from Robben AC

1959 - Judy Grinham

1961 - Australians Jon and Ilse Konrads

1962 - Japanese

1963 - Dutch

1967 - Canadians

1967 - Don Schollander

1968 - Dick Smith - US Diving coach

1969 - USA Women

1970 - Australia

1976 - Test v Rhodesia

1981 v USA and Canada

1982 Test v Combined Team Canada Germany USA

1984 Test v USA

Australian swim teams visited in 1939 and 1970, while Japanese (1962), Dutch (1963) and in 1967 and 1968 Canadians led by Elaine Tanner visited. Some came alone - swimmers like Don Schollander, English champion Hilda James and diver Ann  Ross - stayed for weeks, traveling throughout the country, and often up to Rhodesia.

Various Olympic Coaches like John Harte, Don Gambril, Robert Kiphuth and Deryk Snelling also visited the country.

In 1973 several internationals like Olympic medallists David Wilkie (Great Britain) and Seve Genter  (USA) competed in the South African Games. Other international swimmers at the SA Games were J de Brunne, F Monod, S Nieser from Switzerland, world record holder Susan Atwood, A Simmons for the USA, Kurt Steinbach, R Remmel, J Weber, W Kusch,  A Kober, F Meeuw, H Gunter-Vesseler, P Nows from West Germany

From 1968 until 1980 South Africa regularly competed against Rhodesia, with many competitors form that country visiting South Africa. A few tours also came from de Sportivo Club in Lorenzo Marques in Mozambique, although never an official team to compete against the Springboks.

In March 1983 a team of school's swimmers from Taiwan visited South Africa.